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Most talk endlessly about wanting to change in some way, from weight loss to learning French water color technique. This condition gives us various phrases we have all heard before like “walk the walk” or “action speaks louder than words.” In the end, we admire those who take action and hold them up as champions. Many live vicariously through their heroes while simultaneously “lit up” by lethargy and indecision yet based on results, with live with these flaws or weaknesses on a daily basis. How can we be so conflicted and not be on the ground flailing in despair? Perhaps the answer to the last question is hope or a short memory.3-books-bezanis

Change takes several things. As the mind in key to the process convincing it is of paramount concern. Yet how does one change their mind? We can’t feel, see, smell or taste a mind but we all have one, so how is it changed? Is a mind like a soul? Perhaps, but this is not a theological discussion. Suffice to say, the mind is similar to or the same as thought which meets the earlier outline. The most successful way to change a mind is to educate it. You have heard of “Diagnostic Face Reading and Holistic Healing,” “pH MADNESS” and “The Ancient Raw Food Diet.” These books are best described as profound and inspiring. They are heroic in their scope and dynamic in their results.

Change via educating yourself about what you want to change. You cannot build a computer unless you have a plan and understanding about what you are doing. For the past 100 years Big Medicine has worked hard to make sure that knowledge would be forgotten and more recently, completely unknown. The keys to understanding and workable plans to make those changes are fully illuminated in the aforementioned books. Read them.


Shooting Again?

What better way to celebrate National Drug Week than by having a good old fashioned college school shooting. Shootings are never something to look forward to or kid about. The blackness of such horrible events have become clearer as we have learned more about the shooter Chris Harper-Mercer. He was by all accounts using the psychiatric drug Lithium. One of his social media handles was “Lithium Love.” It does not take a lot of digging to uncover psychiatric drugs at the root of suicides and random murders. A black eye any other profession would be crushed under, murder seems to roll of the backs of psychiatry as it keeps plugging along.shooting

Umpqua Community College shooter Chris Harper-Mercer as a deeply troubled, anti-religion, anti-government recluse obsessed with guns. He was just the type of person who is made more unstable when he is further poisoned with psych meds. Logical people do not randomly obsess about death, pine about religion and fume about government while collecting a small arsenal of weapons.

The U.S. Army discharged him just five weeks into basic training in 2008. Records indicate he graduated in 2009 from a high school catering to troubled and special-needs students. Chris Harper-Mercer us just another example of what happens to those who are poisoned with drugs in the name of health or mental health. When drugs are pushed as the answer, likely we are asking the wrong question. We can say it is psychiatric drugs that cause the most problems, but drugs are poisons. When we accept the ugly truth that nothing good comes from routine drugging, we also accept that any kind of declining result, from poor health to murder is an expected outcome of their use. Only the very naïve continue doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Based on continued poor results, the public is very naïve regarding the use of Big Medicine. We get what we pay for.

Beware That’ll Kill Ya!

Beware That’ll Kill Ya!

toxic-masked-manWe talk a lot about toxins. But the thing that determines if a substance is toxic or poisonous is due to the concentration of the substance in question.
Medicines and or drugs are intense concentrates and because of that they push the body to react to their presence. Our immune system is what heals us. All other explanations are just so much fluff.

If drugs attacked germs or viruses, they would be the equivalent of a mobile blood based immune system and that of course is impossible. Most of us have the idea that antibiotics attack and disable disease. Yet that is not the case and they are not supportive to our liver and or lymphatic system directly. So what do they do besides the seldom talked about placebo effect? The funny thing about placebos is that they are just as prevalent in Big Medicine as all others forms of medicine combined.

Drugs / medications are concentrated toxins that are so intense they awaken a somewhat sedated immune system which in turn activates it and starts the healing process.

We are victim of what we pretend are healthy choices. We love to talk about moderation which encourages using or consuming what we know to be irritants to our health. Really does that make a lot of sense? Moderation makes vast amounts of sense to those who sell what people are trying to manage via moderation. Those selling profitable irritants will not stop selling their products until we stop buying them. When we change, they will change too and not before.

In the end we are responsible for what we consume. If we eat something that is not to the body’s liking, it is up to us to police ourselves. In the end we must beware of our choices.

Be well.