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When the chips are down what do you do? You get up off the mat and “Fight with everything you have got! If you are still losing do not hesitate to fight dirty. Do whatever it takes to survive, or you won’t. Make no mistake. The war you win will save your life, and all of our lives. If you don’t fight dirty, you will have nothing to fight for in the future.” This is the motto Big Medicine who is losing hundreds of thousands of dollars a day in the US as people are getting healthier and healthier.citrus-causes-cancer

The US public is walking away from Big Medicine at a clip not before seen. Their domestic sales are down 2 trillion dollars from 2008. They are in a panic are refusing to accept the diagnosis provided by MD’s. It is so bad that Obama passed his health care act to ensure we were forced to pay for health insurance and likely use it. Big Medicine is a wounded animal and now will say anything to drive sales, as proven by their latest Diabetes ads and pet disease ads.

Make no mistake as to who runs the presidency. It is not who we elected it is ultimately his or her boss, Big Oil, Big War, Big Medicine, Big Pharma, Big Auto, Big Alcohol, Big Tobacco, and the Banking industry. Their whim is our president’s command and desire to enact on a helpless public.

Yet we are not helpless at all. We can VOTE with our minds and cash. What we spend money on determines what is produced. A smart seller sells what people are buying. We are the result of our purchases and the pressures we react to. In the end we are only as bad as we allow ourselves to be. Spend wisely and remake Big Business.