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Healthy Bowel

Bowel health is an important topic because changes in your body’s regularity can be a sign of changing health. But before you begin to worry it’s important to know what regularity is for you.

There can be a fairly broad range in when you have a bowel movement and this can still be normal. You can have a bowel movement anywhere from one to three times a day (highest frequency) or three times a week (lowest frequency) and this can be considered normal. So, thinking back, where do you fit in with this? Other factors include fasting, eating lighter meals, etc. What comes out of your body relates to what comes in!

If your frequency is consistent, and within this range, you are probably experiencing healthy elimination.

After thinking about your patterns, you can begin to understand when you might be constipated. If your stool is dry and hard, and also difficult to pass, then you may be constipated (especially if you tend to go three days or more without moving your bowels).

A variety of circumstances can cause constipation. For example, when you travel, become pregnant, are dieting, or lack physical exercise you may experience constipation.

Overall, to promote healthy elimination, it’s important to eat plenty of fiber (a general recommendation is 34 grams of fiber per day for adult men and 28 grams of fiber per day for adult women, but speak with your health care professional about what’s right for you), cut back on refined and sugary foods, and drink more water.

If you tend towards constipation, you may need treatment that’s a little more focused on rebalancing your digestive system. At our cornerstone product is the Pure Body Institute Whole Body & Colon Program. This carefully constructed program supports your body’s digestive health with herbs understood to help your body release toxins and eliminate what the body doesn’t need with ease. Visit to learn more and purchase!


Arguing to Argue

Some presented with a new idea think about it, then try it see if it works, especially if it does not risk one’s life. Then there are some who for reasons that can only be described as insanity, argue with anything they don’t already know, even though what they already know and are doing is not working. Yet, new ideas or even old ideas that are not known by those receiving them are instantly scorned, an odd habit brought on by not knowing who and what to trust.Arguing-to-Argue

The majority feel some discomfort in their body. As they get older their pain increases as well as their use of pain suppressive meds. Yet, we don’t defeat our issues hiding from them or medicating them with pain relievers, unless we trust the common ideas and treatments offered by Modern or Big Medicine. The body gets ill due to logical and obvious enemies.

Until we know our enemies come from a toxic often junk food diet and bad habits such as alcohol, vaping, caffeine, coffee, salt, white sugar, white flour, milk, dairy products and all things labeled natural, we will continually be ill. Viruses are Modern Medical Hollywood imagination. They are the stuff of nightmares. Some think they are micro-bots (robots) unleashed to make man sick. False, this does not and has never happened. We are sick due to toxic ingestion repeated over time. The more we abuse our body with the toxic garbage and junk food the worse we will feel. The sooner we add stress to our list, placing a cherry on top the sooner we have all the keys to being ill. Viruses are for Hollywood and Big Pharma to promote. The graphics you have seen of viruses are from skilled artists not microscopes. Detoxify your body or do a simple cleanse and you’ll really start to live.