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Cleansing to improve immunity

Cleansing to improve immunity

With the seasons changing, and colder weather approaching, itís time to prepare for the cold and flu season! You can look at cleansing in two different ways. First, what do you do on a daily basis to keep yourself free of the toxins of modern life? And, second, what do you do when a major detox is required?lemon-water-cucumber

For ongoing, daily maintenance, we suggest three detox support strategies:

1. Warm Lemon Water
Drinking†warm lemon water†upon rising and continuing throughout the day can help flush out toxins and maintain a healthy immune system. For a natural boost of anti-viral action, add a dash of cayenne or cinnamon to the water and consume daily. Lemon, with its high concentration of vitamin c, can help boost your immune system. Despite the citric acid they contain, lemons are alkaline when metabolized in our bodies, and will help balance pH. Lemons can also aid in releasing toxins from your digestive tract.

2. Dry Skin Brushing
This Ayurvedic practice of dry skin brushing will support your lymphatic system, which is the bodies sewage system, in releasing toxins that lead to sickness.

How to skin brush:
* Brush skin with a dry brush before you shower or bathe
* Always brush towards your heart, with the flow of the lymphatic fluid.
* Begin at the soles of your feet, and then move up your legs, brushing in circular motions. Brush your chest and shoulders towards your heart in long strokes. Then start at the fingertips and brush towards your body. Use small, circular strokes in your armpits.
* It is suggested you move in a circular motion counterclockwise on your stomach to respect the direction of digestion and encourage detoxification.
* Follow with a shower or bath using an all-natural soap such as Dr. Bronner’s.

3. Drinking Tea
Tea can boost the immune system and cleanse the body, especially during the winter season. Drinking herbal teas provides wonderful support to the body through detoxification. Be sure to let your tea steep for at least 5-10 minutes, and then consume hot or make into iced tea.
Here are some excellent teas to try:
* To combat inflammation: nettle and chamomile
* To help with constipation: senna, flax tea, and aloe vera
* To cleanse the blood: burdock or red clover
* For liver support: dandelion, pau d’arco and milk thistle

But when a major detox is needed, what do you do? Our bodies get polluted from the accumulation of impurities in our food, water and air. The negative effects these impurities can cause on the body is staggering. Experts recommend periodic inner cleansing to loosen up and dissolve these impurities. To not do so is flirting with disaster.

Herbs Can Cleanse carries herbal products made by Pure Body Institute. Our Whole Body & Colon was formulated to help support the natural structure and function of your body’s elimination. When your elimination is healthy and functioning optimally, your body can more easily remove the impurities it is exposed to in daily life. Done twice a year, the Whole Body and Colon Cleanse Program will help eliminate accumulated impurities and keep you looking and feeling delightfully alive and refreshed.

Internal Cleansing is simple. Support your body daily with the above suggestions and you will be amazed with the results. All of the suggestions are safe, natural and effective.