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We have governments that are of the people, for the people and for the protection of the people, unless they don’t do what we say and think is right. They we will come to your house and site normally nonexistent state laws and confiscate your kids and put them on psych or other dangerous drugs. Now that is a government we like don’t we? Actually, if we have a vote, we cannot vote for anything but this sort of treatment until or if our laws that support such treatment are changed or defeated in court one after the next, leaving us with a distant memory of an insane society that once was.

We are the victims of what we allow. Our kids in most states cannot be put on psych meds or medications unless we do not fight back and take them back. Lies are as effective as we believe them and act on them. Psychiatry is a lie based on a lie, actively promoted as it makes vast income while securing a future of willing patients that are easy to drug.  Easy to drug patients are those who trust what they are told and are used to taking drugs.

Drugging children diagnosed with ADHD is a stinking cesspool of trouble. Because mental illness is based on whim, opinion and a fanciful work called the DSM (the Diagnostic Statistical Manual) and we trust those who use, it we are victims. We know medications are toxic as is their nature yet; psych meds are so toxic they not only scramble memories, they cause suicide and are at the root of mass murder for the past 20 years. What a lousy group to be part of. Unless we exercise our independence from government and are willing to fight back, we will be steamrolled by politicians and Big Business as our kids are lost to them.