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What We Think

hypnoOur thoughts are a major factor in how well we get along in life. We are eaten up by doubts, lost confidence, fears, and upsets we still mull over in our mind. While there are a lot of that we may find it hard to control, the thing we can control about our health is our belief system. Gravity will still be gravity and up will not be down or vice versa. If we decide we are sick or not good enough it is not long until we are not good enough or sick. We do not have any friends on TV as the FTC allows Big Pharma to say whatever they want with the backing of the FDA. How are we supposed to get ahead or win and being healthy with so much against us?

We are conditioned by the media via Big Pharma think that we are ill, will be ill and will always be ill. The only choice the want us to make is, with what drug would we like to be using while we are ill? The monopoly of Modern Medicine is a mega corporation; it fears nothing and for all intents and purposes is the only game in town. To them they are not worried if you are too busy to be healthy. The fact is they are betting on this lazy attitude.

Until we change our mind by learning how our body works, what the importance of detox and diet change are, we will remain ill. We will also remain ill if we keep buying the drugs and poisons sold as food that have been making us ill for more than 50 years. We must get off our drugs, give up the idea we have diabetes and instead call it what it is, a weakness in the kidneys and liver. Finally we must give up White Sugar, Salt, Processed Sodium and Alcohol or there is very little we can expect to do to be healthy.

End Game of Health

End Game of Health

Raw FoodThe end game of health is health right? Well, that is what you think. The end game of Big Business regarding your health is dependency. The end game of your health as seen by surgery is you getting surgery. The end game of Big Junk Food regarding their bottom line is you addicted to there “offerings.” They do not care how they do it and they do not have many limits to attaining that end. The end game of the FDA is to take money from big payers and to protect them under the guise of protecting our public interests or good. You may see the above as a quagmire of subtle and not so subtle attacks on your pocket book and health. You would be right.

How can you survive in a world where moderation is encouraged? What is moderation? It is the idea that a little of a lot of poisons or irritants are not then toxic or life threatening. This is a marvelous concept but it makes no sense what so ever. If it was true, a little dirt would make you clean, a little black would make you white, and little hot would make you cold, a little up would be down and a few yeses would be a no and vice versa.

The best we can do to protect our health is to know what it is. What is it is simple it is a thrust to survive and we do not survive better by being a little dead. If awake an unaffected is our goal, how do we get there? We embrace the antithesis or opposite of death which is life. We embrace foods that are alive not recreated to mimic life. We do not eat foods that come from bags or boxes we eat foods that come off trees and plants. You may have noticed I offer a book called the Ancient Raw Food Diet. It is the pinnacle of perfection and answers exactly what we should be eating that supports the health and healing of our body.