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fat-moneyWho loves you? The federal government says they love you but what they really love is your money. The way a government gets what they want out of you is via FREEDOMS that allow you to poison yourself and get ill doing it. Sounds crazy? Not really. Imagine arriving at a massive Smorgasbord and given a green light to eat all you want because nothing there will make you fat. Most would eat until they were sick and near vomiting. That is some government huh? Well, that is your government.

What is the supposed motivation behind or for your government wanting to make you ill, and fat? Are we happier when we are fatter? Will we all take on the persona of Santa Claus and become benevolent gift givers? There must be a darn good reason for a government sabotaging its public, but what is it? The US government has its reasons from ignoring Pearl Harbor warnings coming from multiple sources to making agreements with world leaders we would eventually be at war with. What is behind such political strategy? Some say it is money. As war is one of the most lucrative industries known to man. Yet what about diseases like Ebola. Surely there is not money there, is there?

Big Pharma quietly directs many government policies. Being 10 lbs above one’s ideal weight increase their disease probability by 6 ½%. One 60 lbs over their ideal weight is 39% more likely to be ill than one who is at their ideal weight. Imagine one is 100 lbs overweight. If we eat junk food which is constantly promoted by TV and media our likelihood of being ill goes off the charts. The government is a well-known indirect partner of Big Pharma taking 1 billion in fees to approve a drug for sale broadly. That is why we are allowed to be sick and fat.