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Your Kid Your Mirror


As we grow and advance into the future often called growing up, we are sponges, mirrors, recorders and great mimics. We imitate what we see, what we hear what others are doing and melt into the environment we are around. Yet, as we grow and become independent around the age of 13 we rebel and start choosing our own way. What we do before we seek independence is the subject that some call parenting and that can be good or bad. Yet good kids can come from bad parents and bad kids can come from good parents.

Sometimes we do the exact opposite of the example we observe, nevertheless, from birth until about 13 years of age, we normally exercise little or no independence from moment to moment. One day we will be very dependent, but until then we are eager copy cats of the basic habits of our teachers. Growing up is we are exposed to basics habits that seem so harmless and normal we mimic these and they are called dietary blueprints. While we can change later, what we learn early on has quite an effect on the little person doing the observing.

We are not born ill or broken we are born and then participate in the same eating habits of our parents. There are some examples of kids finding a healthy or different road to follow nutritionally than their parents, but it takes an amazingly powerful and persuasive child and makes up less than 10% of kids today. We make little duplicates of ourselves nutritionally. If we eat junk food and get rubbery and blubbery, we can expect for some years that our prodigy will be too. Those we are in the charge of, if we do not set an example that is greater than ourselves, we can expect an outcome or a result that is equal to or lesser than our example.