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crop-dustOne hundred years ago mankind was innocent compared to the version of him today. The funny thing about it is that we are not better for it, are we? In WWI the combatants used Mustard, Phosgene and Chlorine gas, these gases killed hundreds of thousands of men, in various ways. The gases blinded the eyes, ripped apart the lungs and boiled the skin. What mankind is capable of is only limited by his imagination and his imagination is brilliantly demented. In the meetings post WWI, the “civilized” counties of the world agreed to never use chemical warfare on enemy combatants again.

The most savage poisons to humans are the ones he is responsible for having produced. Un-natural man-made toxins plague us all. Yet as mentioned earlier chemical warfare was banned after WWI because the effects of such tactics were inhumane. Odd chemical makers refuse to not poison enemy soldiers yet have no compunction to using chemicals of a similar nature on the public. It is clear based on results that big business is repeating the chemical warfare aiming it the his fellow man.
Big Business has ignored the memo from 100 years ago.

If we are to maintain and improve our health we must eliminate use of toxic solvents, cleaning aids, fragrances, pesticides, industrial cleansers and much, much more. Our water must be treated like it is important and it must be clean. We should drink Reverse Osmosis and Spring water, but never Distilled or Alkaline Water. We need to throw out all fried foods and frozen foods and decide to never use or eat them again. When on is well detoxed, he or she does not have a negative odor. We can pretend what we eat does not matter, yet it does. Do your best to remove all processed foods from your life. Nature does not know how to make sandwiches.