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Shooting Again?

What better way to celebrate National Drug Week than by having a good old fashioned college school shooting. Shootings are never something to look forward to or kid about. The blackness of such horrible events have become clearer as we have learned more about the shooter Chris Harper-Mercer. He was by all accounts using the psychiatric drug Lithium. One of his social media handles was “Lithium Love.” It does not take a lot of digging to uncover psychiatric drugs at the root of suicides and random murders. A black eye any other profession would be crushed under, murder seems to roll of the backs of psychiatry as it keeps plugging along.shooting

Umpqua Community College shooter Chris Harper-Mercer as a deeply troubled, anti-religion, anti-government recluse obsessed with guns. He was just the type of person who is made more unstable when he is further poisoned with psych meds. Logical people do not randomly obsess about death, pine about religion and fume about government while collecting a small arsenal of weapons.

The U.S. Army discharged him just five weeks into basic training in 2008. Records indicate he graduated in 2009 from a high school catering to troubled and special-needs students. Chris Harper-Mercer us just another example of what happens to those who are poisoned with drugs in the name of health or mental health. When drugs are pushed as the answer, likely we are asking the wrong question. We can say it is psychiatric drugs that cause the most problems, but drugs are poisons. When we accept the ugly truth that nothing good comes from routine drugging, we also accept that any kind of declining result, from poor health to murder is an expected outcome of their use. Only the very naïve continue doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Based on continued poor results, the public is very naïve regarding the use of Big Medicine. We get what we pay for.