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RJ Reynolds and Ebola?

RJ Reynolds and Ebola?

the doctor is inWhat does science fiction, two American missionaries, RJ Reynolds tobacco company and Ebola have in common, as it turns out, a lot. Ebola has surprising company as tobacco-giant R.J. Reynolds has the rights to an experimental serum that is the leading candidate to receive approval for world-wide use. How odd a company that activity promotes the cancer deaths of its users is now trying to save lives all bet them imaginary deaths.

When people are not using enough of your tobacco product why not create a drug made with tobacco leaves? The drug, never before used on humans, is made from tobacco plants and was manufactured by Kentucky Bioprocessing, a Reynolds American subsidiary. Fear and stress brought on by fear is the thing that kills those fearful of catching a virus. Factually the elements that are called viruses are currently present in the bodies of all humans. Is this something to fear? No, as long as we have a healthy immune system to fight back. The former illustrates why we should not smoke or use any tobacco, salt, processed sodium and white sugar or any processed sugar.

Big Pharma is trying desperately to create enough fear to drive the American public to demand a vaccine. As FDR (Franklyn Delano Roosevelt) said The Only thing to fear is fear itself.” What one fears real or not becomes real in his mind and via such stress start reducing the power of his immune system. The sickest people are those who believe they are doomed to illness. What we put our attention on good or bad, creates a physical response.

If you have been watching the news, the Worry Mongers have told us to fear Ebola, West Nile, Human EV-D68 virus, and of course N1H1 is set to return. What is going on? Big Pharma is fishing American waters for patients in a desperate hunt for income.