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Bath Time!

If you have small children, you know that bath time can be a problem. Children can resist bath time and make it hard on both of you. Sometimes they are afraid of the water, or simply uncomfortable in the water. Other times, they just resist leaving what they’re doing for the bath.

But bath time can be an enjoyable time for both parent and child! What can parents do to make this time easier?
First, most children do best with a routine. Try establishing bath time as a regular part of your heading to bed routine. Then, sometime prior to bath time, start communicating to your child about the upcoming change in routine. Let them know that soon you’ll be stopping play time, and bathing. Repeat the communication several times leading up to bath time. Once the routine is established, your child will find reassurance in the structure.

Second, let your child have a sense of control over the process. Have them present as you draw the bath water, and let them test the temperature with you. You can also let your child scrub themselves a little bit, and have control of the pressure and friction. This can help normalize the process for your child, and also help her feel a part of the process.
If your child has a genuine fear of water, modulate the process for her. Let her stand in the tub (safely of course) with less water, and wash that way. Then, gradually encourage her to sit. When she feels safe, you can adjust the amount of bath water. Another strategy that can help with bath time fears is communication! Tell your child what’s going to happen every step of the way, letting her know (for example) that “Now we’re going to wash your hair” and so on.

Many children have fear of having their hair washed, or simply dislike it. Communication can help here, as well. Also, make sure that your shampoo doesn’t sting her eyes! Find a child safe shampoo, or use a guard to keep the shampoo from getting into her eyes. Rinsing your child’s hair with a small cup may feel safer than a shower nozzle.

If your child is resistant to bath time, make it fun! Have a sibling join in, use bubble bath, maybe enjoy a toy or two! These things make bath time fun, but also distract from fears or resistance.

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