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Prior the recent advances in Modern Medicine, all women died as they matured. This was called Meno-Stop, but with advances it is now called menopause. Yes, this is of course factual. Three hundred years ago all women died at age 40 as their bodies dried into estrogen-less shadows of themselves. So grim was the prospect of being a woman some woman tossed themselves in the river vs. having a 40th birthday. Lepers had a better fate than women who reached their 40th birthday. Of course this is not true. Women are no more likely to die at 40 than men.

Countess Elezabeth Bathory; 7 August 1560 to 21 August 1614, was so obsessed with saying young she abducted, murdered and bled dry between 80 and 650 virgins so she could bathe in their blood. Being a countess has its privileges but she was battier than a belfry and was one of the first recorded serial killers. Bathory was terrified of looking older and went to great lengths to prevent it from overtaking her. Today capturing woman for the express purpose of murdering them and bleeding them for bathing is not popular or legal. The fact it is completely insane withstanding.

Woman experience menopause for the same reasons others have similar symptoms. The physical body has only so many parts and those parts have only so many ways of breaking down.­ When we ignore the sales pitch we have been given selling old lady syndrome, and accept menopause is no different other forms of toxicity, it can be handled. Whenever the body is under attack we must think: activate the liver, kidneys and colon. Most “menopause” symptoms are simply liver symptoms including hot flashes, bad mood, itchy skin and much more. There is no need to kill and bleed a virgin for beauty, but supporting the liver and detoxing the body is very valuable for this.