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The Disease Fraud

The aim of Modern Medicine is to convince us we are incapable of helping ourselves. To do this medical schools teach MD’s to instill doubt in the patient. A patient who doubts his ability to help himself is bound to whatever authority makes the best argument to take care of his immediate needs. The first immediate need most patients have is pain. This is a fact as the pain industry dwarfs all other departments of treatment combined. The message from the MD to the patient is “You are broken, you will always be broken, and with this in mind we will do all we can to help you.”


The trouble with assuming we are broken or are incapable of living without pain is that it is entirely false. Assess your memory; did you ever recover from a cold? Did your last cut heal without stitches? Did the sore foot or sprained wrist you had as a kid heal? The answer to these questions is almost always yes. But to a business that needs us to medicate ourselves at every turn or run to see an MD for the least problem, our well-functioning immune system is not only not welcomed, it is a problem.


When we allow the immune system to do its job vs. always bypassing it, the body is a wondrous and formidable device. Seeing the correlation that the bad function of the body is a direct result of poor food choices the mystery of poor health vanishes. After we ingest junk food or even a simple cooked meal, most of us start to feel poorly. We feel poorly because we just poisoned ourselves. On first bite of lousy food we often notice a headache, low back pain, blurry vision, a sore shoulder or neck, our joints may hurt or we may start to feel emotionally strained. This is why eating a Raw Whole Food Diet is so vital. It supports us and does not make us ill.