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Criminal organizations have their thugs to enforce their wishes. Al Capone used hired bullies to enforce his wishes or murder his imagined threats. Infamous 1930’s Murder Incorporated (a mafia murder organization for hire) was made darkly famous by the likes of Albert Anastasia, Louis “Lepke” Buchalter and others. The more layered an organization or industry gets the more they seem to feel they should not suffer the indignity of being forced to alter their plans. When a road block appears, a greedy unethical organization kills or imprisons its enemies. A more conservative organization uses lawyers to do its dealings.


The American FDA is the watchdog-thug-like-enforcer for modern medicine. With a battery of lawyers and unlimited finances supplied by a government that prints its own money to pay its law bills, they fear nothing. If they put their attention and “Men in Black” on a company or subject, they will soon not be a factor, or disappear. When the big boys of Modern Medicine and Big Business decide to go to war, there is no stopping them. Showing up on the holidays when our ability to fight back is limited, they put the fear of God or in our hearts. Big Pharma has the AMA to make rules and the FDA to protect its interests.


Why is Modern Medicine so obsessed with Alternative Medicine / Traditional Medicine? The bad guy’s insanity drives them to obsessively want to control all aspects of medicine. They are part of a legalized monopoly, illegal for you and me, that will go unprosecuted as the government would in essence be prosecuting themselves. There is nothing original about Modern Medicine. They continually bastardize Traditional Medicine twisting its workable herbals into high tech flashy junk that does more harm than good. Herbals work because they are mild, not the 1000 x too strong synthesized junk they use for ongoing treatments. Big Pharma makes a living by smashing those it can and stealing its wares, then patenting them and selling the stuff as their own. Modern Medicine smashes and steals just like all thugs.