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The Nature of Man and Fraud

From the moment we are born we do not have a tolerance to poison. We are made ill by poison and along the way we feel various states of chemical euphoria that some find pleasurable. Whether we like being in an altered state or not, does not factor into the GIANT detail, the body ABHORS BEING POISONED. Our momentary pleasure runs counter to our long term survival and the survival of our vessel the body. Conditioning and advertising have left us confused and lied to with regard to what is toxic to us and what is not. Toxins degrade our body.

If we trust everything we are told, (why would we doubt media, the government and Big Pharma?) we think we are born ill or that disease is a monster that lurks in the shadows waiting to spring on us like a wolf on unsuspecting lambs. Yes, we are doomed to a life of taking drugs and hoping that when we need surgery it will not be too costly and that our surgeon is pleasant with good hands but old wisdom. Trusting our future to those who are constantly brought up on charges of negligence and fraud is not the best or most logical of choices.

Where the Western Diet is rare so is the incidence of Western Illness. Many call Western Illness, the sickness of royalty or the rich. Odd, a rich flavorful diet full of sugars and salts is just the stuff that causes us to fall into Diabetes T1 or T2. But do not tell the Diabetes folks who profit from the disease, as they get so mad when they are exposed as liars, cheats, frauds, conmen and generally unscrupulous business men who only want to make a buck.