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The Other Side of Sanity

The average man has no idea what he is eating. He knows nothing about preservatives, pH or that his actions create or defeat his health. We are not taught word one about nutrition and cause and effect as it would cost billions in lost fees to the current medical establishment. Imagine in 50 percent of mankind suddenly gave up junk and processed food. Overnight it would cause a worldwide calamity otherwise called a depression. Millions would be out of work as creating, shipping and selling junk is their job. We are what we eat and what we eat is junk.


Where does all our indigestible meal waste go? Certainly we eat it and it is pushed out of our body. That is right, right? What we eat does not stick to us like glue right? It doesn’t stick to us does it? Actually, when you look at an obese person you are looking at someone who is stuffed with preservatives that won’t release. We are magnets for preservatives as the body defends itself by holding them so that they can’t do any more harm. The trouble with this scenario is preservatives held in our tissues eventually spill over into other cells and we have a tumor.


The way to release waste from the body is via a major clean up. If we stop thinking that the body is a bizarre entity that is too confounding to understand we can help ourselves. If your house was dirty you would dust, vacuum and clean the windows. You would also adopt policy about not wearing shoes in the house, etc. If you decided to detox your body (internal house cleaning) you would change your diet and detox the crap out of your body for 3 months. You know what would happen? You’d look and feel better. Do it.