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Fat is common on the human frame to greater or lesser degrees. Depending where we live it has more less use. In colder climates it is used for warmth as it forms a layer of insulation from frigid weather. As we move toward the coastlines and warmer temperatures, fewer clothes are generally worn, thus more emphasis is put on carrying less fat from a health and beauty stance. The removing of fat has captured the attention of many as the planet in some sectors now tops 75% of the population. Landlocked countries and cities far from the coastlines carry the fattest public if their climate is not unusually hot.

The problem with fat is that it is expanding across humanity like an obesity virus at epidemic levels. Fat is formed and held in place due to 1) Excess eating 2) Toxic eating forcing the body to store waste it cannot understand or digest. Toxic fat is loaded in chemicals such as sugars, salts, caffeine residue, alcohol remnants and more. When we eat junk food we are inviting the body to store fat at a rate that within a few months to a year or two equals obesity.
Unless one truly understands the mechanics of fat accumulation, we will grow in girth innocently adding to the problem. The logical put down the fork and spoon, but as we ingest more and more untenable chemicals, our thinking gets hugely cloudy forcing logic out the window. Literally as the diet goes south, IQ goes down as angst at simple stresses increase. The way out of this hell is to adopt a clean diet free of white sugar, ALL salt, processed sodium, tobacco, alcohol, white flour, processed grains, cereals, dairy products including all milk, butter and cheese. Then one must do a 90 day detoxification of some type to clean the body of its poisons. These steps followed, rejuvenate the body.