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The best friends we have maybe our best enemies. Few would argue that Big Business and Big Pharma could care less about our well being and only care about showing a fat balance sheet. We know we are marked for financial extraction. When a business that needs people sick to make a living, is allowed to control or dictate its own destiny, the writing is on the wall as to what we can expect from them. We have experienced the fear of not following our MDs recommendations. Most of us have said no or thought about his or her recommendations at least once or twice.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend, yet my friend who trusts my enemy is secretly my enemy. When we do not expect an

"Diagnostic Face Reading and Holistic Healing", "The Ancient Raw Food Diet", "pH Madness"
“Diagnostic Face Reading and Holistic Healing”, “The Ancient Raw Food Diet”, “pH Madness”

attack from a location or from an individual, an attack from this neighborhood is often missed or misdiagnosed. Our innocence and trust is played upon by those who need our dollars. As a message is repeated again and again, it becomes truth. This is part of why we do strange things that the most insane advertising says to do. Imagine a song that won’t leave your mind that is put there by lifelong advertising.

Our friends if subject to false information and creative advertising are as good as enemies as we end up trusting a saint with the tongue of a serpent. The only way we can be sure of who is advising us is to make our own determinations based on experience, and the messages of those not making an income on your choice of adviser. Few are truly unbiased in their assessment of the body and what affects it. Roger Bezanis and his books are by far exceptional as what he says is true, is based on millions who test his words daily.