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The Trouble With Death

The trouble with cellular death is that it is so final. Once a cellular entity is dead, it is dead, there is no reviving it. Death can be defined as lack of organized cellular activity aimed at perpetuating the whole. An complex organism like man has quadrillions of cells each with a job to do. When death overtakes the body the channels of communication are cut leaving a disorganized each cell for itself state of confusion in its wake. Once body death takes hold, it is a matter of hours, days and weeks before all activity is ceased.

Body death means the organism no longer functions as a logical whole. That trip to Cabo will just have to wait, a long time. Any time a body part is isolated from the whole, it enters a state of decay that if not reattached fully dies. The factors that take life from a living entity are numerous such as toxins, impact, electrical or chemical charge and of course severing. A body made to consume the empty remains of the dead will soon become more dead than alive. This has been proven countless times.

Drugs are lifeless chemicals that cause euphoria, numbness, stimulation or death upon contact. The amount used determines the final outcome of the experience. Raw Whole Foods have the same qualities that you and I have minus the complex, frame, nervous system, brain etc., with the similarities being enzymatic life. Both Raw Whole Foods and our bodies share a kinship with the backbone our universe enzymes. When cellular and enzyme activity stops, their host begins to decay. If you have ever smelled the rank odor of decay, that is the springboard of what we love so much in our cooked foods, the taste of decay. A body fed decay eventually dies. This is why eating Whole Raw Foods is so vital.