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Whole Body & Colon Program

Time to CLEANSE the body

The Whole Body & Colon Program, used together, make a superb internal cleanse. For nearly 20 years chiropractors, nutritional authors such as Elson Haas, M.D., Larry Clapp, Ph.D., J.D., and others in the health care professions have recommended these two formulas as an effective means of rejuvenating the body.


Taken only twice a day 6 days a week for a month, these products can really create a stir in the system. However, it is recommended that you use these two formulas for 3 months with a week off in-between each month. For maximum benefit, adjust the dose by slowly increasing the amount of Whole Body Program from 1-3 Tablets to no more than 7 Tablets. With Colon Program it’s best to start with 1 and gradually increase to 3 tablets twice a day. Take your time. This helps the body to settle and adjust to a healthier routine. During this time it’s important to eat raw fruits and vegetables as they help to hydrate your body during the cleansing/elimination process. Drinking water, when you think about it, is a good idea too. Try to avoid heavy foods. Cut down or even eliminate all milk products. Avoid sugar, salt, and flour for as many days you can. This part is difficult as it is built in to our lives to consume these products every day. One of the goals here is to get in touch with our body and listen to what it needs to run efficiently.

Can the Colon Program be used separately? Yes, it can. Use the Colon Program for light work throughout the year.

Using the Whole Body Program and Colon Program can lead you to a healthier life. Give it a try!