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Tis the Season for Big Medicine Fear

Tis the season to fear vaccinations tra la la la la, la, la, la, la!. Big American medicine’s sales are crashing so hard in 2015, they may not clear 1 trillion dollars. That is fairly remarkable as they posted record sales in 2008 of 2.3 trillion domestic sales as per Kaiser Foundation who monitors such numbers. Consider this as you wonder about the collapse of Big Medicine, in 2014 as per Drug Watch they barely crossed the 1 trillion dollar threshold. What is behind the astronomical decline in Big Medicine? You and I are and people like us who won’t visit them and take their drugs.

Tis the season to attend Big Medical School, tra la la la la la la la la. Earlier I mentioned that it was vaccination season. Well, it is as Big Medicine tries to regain some of its lost sales. They are rolling out Legionnaire’s Disease, West Nile and Flu is right around the corner. When I say rolling out, they do not have a stock pile of disease they unleash on us. It is strictly the power of suggestion and then the mass hysteria that grows from it that makes people sick.

What about attending medical school? Students are entering in record numbers. The amazing thing is that the same students are finishing school and giving up the profession within 5 years of graduation. Why are new MD’s quitting Allopathic Medicine; because, they are frustrated with having their hands tied by the AMA and Big Pharma who are pushing them to be drug dealers, not healers.  Factually we cannot heal someone who is being poisoned and drugs are poisons. This is not debatable. Alternative Medicine treats the person in front of the doctor vs. trying to fit him into a drug cocktail that makes him his living. Be wise, think for yourself with Nature.