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To Vape or not to Vape?

What happens when we inhale? I bring a mixture of oxygen and aromatic particles into our lungs. The lungs are a giant filter with a surface area (if stretched) the size of a tennis court. When the lungs are confronted with toxins they do one of 4 things, they detox them and cough them out, store them, accept them into the blood or succumb and die due to them. Our body holds what it can’t breakdown via detox in its fatty tissues. Thus our fat can make potentially us ill.

The Vaping / E-Cigarette industry is literally a Wild West chemical free for all of companies competing for your dollars. E-Cig executives care little for the public as long as they are buying their wares. The laundry list of toxic near instant addictive substances in their products, include chlorine, acetone, benzene, sugars (via glycerin), lead, nicotine and many more. The chemicals in E-Cigs were chosen not by chance but for their addictive quality. Is it surprising yet another filthy industry is placing its wealth ahead of your health? Not at all, lately it is expected.

Those who use E-Cigs go numb to their toxicity symptoms in just a few days. Second inhalers feel the full weight of its toxic power immediately. E-Cigs are a toxic joke to those with experience in the field of detoxification. Those who think they are doing something healthy with E-Cigs and Vaping are kidding themselves. We can’t get clean by washing with dirt. The choice between cigarette smoking and vaping is not a sane question as it asks which do you want cut off? Would you feel better losing your right leg or your left? We can’t win a battle with toxins unless we avoid them all together.