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Toxins Rules the Roost

The planet runs on toxins, we see them on TV, hear them on radio and read them all over the print media. The junk food industry is a trillion dollar industry as is the alcohol and spirits industry. Where does the end of one mega concern end and the beginning of another start. We did not always live on polluting our fellow man; this is due to congregating in cities and entrepreneurship on the part of clever and eager business owners. The best intentions of business to make a living often does not include caring for mankind.

Is it the filthy that live off the weakness of mankind and their drives to self-destruction? Yes and no. Those who are naïve will soon learn, yet if they continue after they discover the harm they are pushing on mankind, that makes them evil. Those who know exactly what they are doing harming mankind and lust to do for profit are absolute scum that by their actions, give mankind and his ideals a black eye. We can make Earth and our fellows better or we can be the solvent that weakens his seals and make him all to pieces, broken and defeated.

What we ingest and use for “recreation,” do not just scramble our bodies, they scramble our minds, wearing us down making us magnets and sponges for more abuse. When we are detoxed and free from waste, by eating fresh fruit and vegetables we align ourselves with the survival of Earth and his fellows. Chemicals make for twisted thinking that seems completely rational when viewed through the veneer or scrim of common and accepted toxins ingested with repetition. If we expect to rise above a swamp of trash, when we live in monumental trash at a cellular level is not only irrational, it is impossible. Clean the diet free of junk food and move to Whole Fresh Fruit and Veggies.