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WATER OR NO WATER? HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH? By Roger Bezanis Author of “Diagnostic Face Reading & Holistic Healing” & “pH MADNESS”

Have you ever exhaled on a mirror and noticed the temporary fog you created. The moisture is the result of the millions of tiny droplets of water that are carried out of our lungs in every breath.

Air is actually a form or water as water makes up its content. Today there exists, water extraction machines that pull water from the air. As water becomes scarcer, the use of these water collection machines will be more common.

With regard to the body, every breath dehydrates us a little more. During sleep we might as well be running a marathon as we dry out immensely. This is why after a night’s sleep we awake and pasty. You have been dehydrating breath by breath all night! We truly might as well have been running a marathon.

Sometime in the past someone said, “The AVERAGE person exhales anywhere from 48 to 64 ounces of water a day (about 1 to 1 1/3rd liters) just breathing.” That statement is almost wholly inaccurate.

The amount of water we will need and therefore exhale a day is dependent on 4 factors:

1) Diet

2) Activity

3) Environment

4) Stress


Diet: A poor diet / life full of white sugar, salt, sodium (used as a food additive), caffeine, alcohol & tobacco will constantly be dry. Trying to gauge how much water a person abusing themselves with the gunk above will need is a complete shot in the dark

Activity: The more active we are physically, the more water we will need. Activity means water lost (indoors or out). If we are busy talking all day, we lose more water. Chasing kids or in some other form of constant motion uses more water.

Environment: If we do the same job in an environment that is cool & moist, like Portland, Oregon, compared to a dry hot environment like Las Vegas, Nevada, we will need more water in Las Vegas. Environment is crucial to appreciate when factoring how much water we need.

Stress: One stressed by actual emotional stress or who is in constant concentration mode, like an accountant, will need more water as their liver is working harder. Stress releases hormones that must be dealt with by the liver (the washing machine of the body).

There is a patently false “old wives tale” known by many that for every cup of coffee, you need 3 cups of water. Hog wash! Consider this; the human body for all intents and purposes is a machine of unfathomable complication. It does have proclivities and slight variations, yet, does react to toxins and reject them.

Caffeine is a toxin that we know is harmful to the body. It shuts down the kidneys for hours just like a computer virus shuts down your computer. As for how much water it takes to flush out X amount of caffeine, that is completely unknown. The best rule of thumb via caffeine is to avoid it like the plague.

Using caffeine and then trying to repair the damage via water use, is like playing Russian Roulette with a doctor standing nearby who will try to put you back together if you blow out your brains. It is a bad game to play.

Most of us know little about how much water they need. There are obvious symptoms of thirst such as:

Feeling dry

Dry skin

Dry lips

Dry mouth

Dry eyes

Smacking of the lips

Can’t swallow

Pasty mouth

Cloudy urine

Odious urine


The above list also means one is toxic. Toxic!!!? Yes, as lack of water causes stagnation in the body. In a stagnant environment we get worse and worse.

Therefore, if you follow your symptoms and drink water when you are thirsty and don’t drink it and even drink a little when you are not thirsty, you will be far better off.

If you are so inclined, experiment and try drinking 200 ounces of water in a day (or more) and see what happens. I’ve done it.

Remember, water is the life blood or oil of the body. The body will not run without it. Eliminate what is causing you to lose fluid (water) and you will feel the difference. All of this is covered in my two books in depth.

For more information on water and other subjects, look me up on YouTube.

If you get confused and are afraid to error, error on the too much water side of things rather than not enough. Then read, “pH MADNESS” followed by “Diagnostic Face Reading and the Holistic Healing.”