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Your Liver and You

Often called the workhorse of the digestive system, the liver performs 500 functions that help to keep your body healthy!

Your liver, with an average weight of more than 3 pounds, is about the size of a football. Behind your skin, it’s your body’s second largest organ. Your liver is in the upper right abdomen under the ribs and below the diaphragm. It holds up to 13% of your blood supply, and is a star player in your digestive system!

Your liver performs over 500 tasks to help keep you healthy. Key to these functions are those that are metabolic. Anything that is taken by mouth gets filtered by the liver. Anything you digest by the stomach and intestine gets absorbed into the blood and then goes to the liver.

The liver removes toxins from the body through the urine or stool, stores and then releases nutrients when necessary. Your liver also works to keep the amount of sugar in the bloodstream constant. When the liver processes your food, it removes sugar and stores it as glycogen. Then, when your blood sugar decreases, the liver converts glycogen to glucose and releases it into the bloodstream where it energizes your body.

There are many more important and interesting liver functions, some of which we’ll discuss in a future blog. But, with all the liver does, is it any surprise it can become fatigued? As well, in Chinese Medicine it is understood that your emotions are linked to your liver. When your liver’s load is too great, the emotions tend to run hot. Waste not excreted from your body may well irritate your emotions!

So, ask yourself if your moods dominate your day. Do you get headaches or reoccurring muscle and joint pain? Are you irritable? Do you run out of energy during the day, or have trouble concentrating? These symptoms (and many others) may indicate a poorly functioning liver.

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