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Zombies R Us!

Zombies are popular storyline in fiction today. The undead are popular in fiction today too. But why? Why are we so fascinated by twisted forms of life or lack thereof? What are we looking for, look at such things?zombie

Mankind is fascinated with living on the edge. He does not seem to be satisfied unless he has been to the precipice of death and come back. Yet we also admire those who went a tad bit too far. We are an odd lot are we not?

We can blame advertising for our addiction problems, yet we have a lust for chimerical alteration that runs so deep we will risk our lives to achieve such a high.

Advertising knows this and plays on our weakness. Big Business knows the game and they are playing it with gusto. We are deeper in the rainfall of addiction than we know. Few of us know anyone who is not a regular caffeine user. Is caffeine really so bad? Is it?  We can ask Coca Cola. They know. Do you think it is a coincidence that they chose to replace Cocaine in the drink in 1904 with its chemical equal, caffeine? No, they knew exactly what they were doing.

Caffeine is now being banned in the United States in the high density white powdered version. You might think that it was a safety measure. Actually it was presenting a problem as users were using just like Cocaine. Imagine if Columbia had no place to sell its cocaine?

We are told there is a drug war. There is a drug war, to keep the drugs flowing making glassy eyed high chasers pursue them with their last dollar.

Yes, we have become zombies and the walking dead because we have not broken our bonds to addiction. Zombies are the walking dead. So are the deeply addicted.



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